ain't nothing wrong with a little shoulder sass

Okay, so, if we were randomly going to discuss five things you should know about me, aside from my affinity for cabernet, magazines and movies, YSL would probably be #1. I mean, I have his initials tattooed on my wrist. It's pretty serious. Before you think I'm completely insane, I fell deeply in love with man first, when I read The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake (read it, it's amazing) which led to an ultimate and completely biased obsession with his clothing. THAT all being said, you can probably guess how I feel about the resurgence in androgynous womenswear. I love it. I love it a lot. Totally digging harem pants, bowler shoes and blazers in a big way.

When it comes to exploring this trend, you cannot deny how good Balmain's FW09 show was. I'm in love with how masculine, yet so seductive Christophe Decarnin's pieces are. Sequins mixed with studs mixed with sharp shoulders mixed with flowing pants and ass-kicking shoes. But what I'm really loving is the strong shouldered blazer. It's a delicious way of taking a classic piece to the next level, and it gives the idea of a power suit a whole new meaning. Studs, sequins, satin, it's perfect in every way it comes.

Sigh. I find androgyny terribly sexy.

And even as a blouse! Look how soft and feminine this looks...even with the shoulders. So completely chic.

*all photos courtesy of style.com

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