so good, so grunge, so good

i just love the goddamn olsen twins. i love how they make the most ridiculous pieces look so fashionable, and how everything they do is underlined and bolded by extreme confidence and self awareness. i could look at photos of them all day. so now you're going to.

i think all good fashion blogs just have an olsens homage every now and then. plus, they just got accepted into the cfda, which is completely brilliant.

*all images taken from the lovely olsens anonymous

midday inspiration

the world's a funny place. i've been sitting in front of my computer for about an hour, trying to find something that would inspire a really excellent blog post. couldn't. so then i decided to find some fashiony beach photos, as i think i'm going to take a book and some magazines to and head down to the "peace park" by the lake, at the end of the block. when finding images for that failed, i decided i'd just head over to good ole olsens anonymous, because i'm always in the mood for olsens. and, lo and behold, what did i find?

so the peace park at the end of my street isn't greece, but i do have a diet coke right now.

so excited...miranda and i leave for colorado to see jack tomorrow! can't can't wait to see him, and to shake things up a bit. plus, jack says there are bears and moose outside of his house. i have a feeling the week will be inundated by photo sessions entitled "urban girl in heels meets outdoors." today, erin asked me what i'd be bringing to wear in co, and i said that i'd just be bringing the same things i always wear. i like the idea of traipsing around a small mountain town in heels and gold and wildly printed dresses.

and now, an inspiration board:

i think lady gaga looks like a dream in this photo. i don't care if she's batshit insane and wearing mickey mouse-eared glasses, she's a fabulous spectacle of an individual.


boots and swings

when i was ten we had a little wooden swing like this in an alcove in our front yard.

i wish i had had those boots when i was ten.


the stam, mannequin style

jessica stam/steven meisel -- vogue italia '04

prada prada prada

as i sat down at my computer, my head awash with an endless stream of thoughts, i said to myself, "pour a glass of wine, and then find something really fabulous to look at." well, the former was no problem, i assure you. and the latter came as quickly as my stumbling upon the fall 2009 prada lookbook. i think of prada as one of the mainstays of the fashion industry, and for that i think that it shall always command due respect. but what i've really come to respect, love, and be consistently delighted by, is their undeniable success in constantly keeping their clothing, their marketing, the merchandising fresh and contemporary. whereas many maintain their staunch positions in the industry, i feel like prada is consistently moving fashion forward, which says something huge. their lookbook is insane. i'm in love.