bulldogs and shields

this weekend my mom came into town for some much needed lady time and retail/cocktail/foodie therapy. on saturday, we stopped into my favorite local boutique, hazel, to check out some new rings by the love of my life, jan michaels. her site doesn't do her jewelry justice, and the way it's merchandized in the catalogue is lame, because her pieces are insane and perfect and everything i ever want in jewelry.

the first ring of hers i bought had this gorgeous glad and black swirl print. i love the way the center is fixed onto the ring.

and then i found this bulldog ring and everything changed.

i mean. that's a bulldog ring.

and who doesn't love shields?

basically, anyone who makes a bulldog ring has my heart. i'm hoping she creates a whole menagerie of animal-themed rings that i can add to my collection. i don't even like animals (except for orca whales), but you can't really pass up a bulldog ring.