my friend nick

"Mine's Bigger than Yours"

Photography Terry Richardson
Styling Sabina Schreder
Hair Dennis Lanni for Bumble & Bumble
Make-Up Sharon Dowsett
Set Design Anette Hinterwerth
Models Sveta, Karen and Natasha
Styling Assistants Peter Stanglemayr and Esther Roitman

there are so many reasons that i love this. mostly the last photograph. but mostly just all of it. womenswear on scrawny farm boy-looking models wielding shotguns. where can i sign up? 

i don't know if my friend nick s. reads this thing, but the final image of this editorial reminds me of him. everything about it.  

image source: dazed digital

connie lim for alexander mcqueen

fashion illustrator connie lim's illustrations of alexander mcqueen's f/w 09 collection. her drawing of the shoes in the bottom of the photography is sensational...they actually look three-dimensional, and appear to have weight to them. the bouffant in the first image is like my hair dream come true. gorgeous gorgeous.

images: dazed digital

e = margiela + softcore porn

steven klein shot this editorial, "e=mc2," in april 1998. it's so quirky - an odd mix of sexual and scientific. i don't know why some of the photos seem like old school soft-core porn to me, but they do. i love the third one the most - those garments are like margiela's wig coats on steroids.

images: dazed digital


i had the most wonderful interview with fashion designer katrin schnabl on friday. she invited me to her studio and we spent a glorious two hours discussing fashion philosophy, theories about dress and the body, and looking through her stunning array of samples and projects-in-the-works. 

i always talk about how i appreciate fashion as an art form, and my discontent with how celebrity-driven the whole industry has become as of late. but katrin completely opened up my eyes to actually philosophizing about fashion - we discussed fashion in ways that i had never thought about.  talking to her made me want to take a step back from how i've been approaching fashion the past few years and to really delve deeper into the roots of why fashion is so impactful and necessary as an art form. outside of making pretty people prettier, or following a trend report. 

she gave me ideas for lots of wonderful books to buy, and alerted me to this website: dazed digital. i'm sure many of you are familiar, but it was new to me and i can't wait to explore their archive of editorials and photography. 

i was really enraptured with this editorial, "balletic." it's so haunting and features such gorgeous elements of draping and experimentation with form and shape. have you ever seen "the others?" with nicole kidman? these photographs look like the stash of ones found in their attic - all those photos of dead people, sallow, and lined up alongside one another. lovely imagery for a sunday morning. 

if any wonderful fashion or design philosophy books have crossed your paths recently, please comment and share. i'm working hard to expand my library and engage in as much reading as possible in my precious free time. 

images: dazed digital


i want to be a heel

isn't this image spectacular? i hopped onto altamira because i wanted to look at pictures of women wearing fabulous shoes. although i'm not sick of winter, or slightly chilly weather, i am sick of wearing boots. i want to wear my heels! but alas, the snowy midwest does little more than promptly ruin the best of one's most favorite footwear.

so, pictures of women who don't have to wear boots, it is.

and then this one, because it's amazing.

images: altamira, jak & jil


the final mcq

these images are from alexander mcqueen's final collection: "McQ," featuring the delightfully expressive model, yuri plesku. infused with the punk aesthetic so well-known by mcqueen, combined with dashing men's separates that speak poignantly of british elegance, it's sad to know that these are the last looks we'll ever receive from the brilliant, iconic designer.

images: refinery29


duro olowu

i can't even get over how this was shot, styled, posed, everything. such a smart, witty, playful collection from duro olowu, and i'm head over heels in love with it. the variety in color, texture, pattern and shape is incredibly refreshing, and the way it's all presented exudes such effervescent personality - i want it all.  olowu's seventies, boho chic, ethnic aesthetic is a dream. love love love. 

images: style.com

clements rebeiro

i love this clements rebeiro collection, from british designers suzanne clements and inacio rebeiro. i love how kitschy it is, how gilded, drapery-esque and slightly tacky some of the looks are. tacky chic, with all sorts of shine. and yet it's so wearable - upon looking at the slideshow, i instantly wanted all of the separates, and to own those bizarrely unattractive slouchy boots in every color.  and that sequined heart blazer! it's unbelievably tacky. and i just love it to pieces. 

those damn brits. they get to have so much fun.

images: style.com