pringle of scotland, tilda style

whether or not my "i'm obsessed with tilda swinton" claims are like a broken record, i'm obsessed with tilda swinton. she's completely nuts in the film, but she looks like a veritable goddess in the ad campaigns. that wide-legged satin pant suit? perched in the middle of a rock wall? sock it to me. her kate lanphear 'do...in argyle? hook me up.

what can't tilda swinton do?

image/video source: design scene


keeping it in vogue

ahhhhh, doesn't this vogue australia cover look gorgeous? don't worry, america. our feb vogue cover will be featuring tina fey. as ms. moodboard and i discussed via twitter - it's not that i don't like tina fey, it's that she'd be the first person to admit that style is not her a-game. and frankly, when it's the middle of fashion month, i want some a-game. that's all i'm saying.
image source: le fashion


chanel couture

karl lagerfeld. you slay me. you slay me into one million pieces over and over again, and then you pause, and then you bring me silver space age bridal shoes and a shiny, skin-tight gold wedding tuxedo. oh, and the biggest, poufiest hair in the world, because you know how much i like volume and aerosol hairspray. it's fine when you don't tweet me back (i lied. it hurts just a little. i do retweet your sagely quotations nearly constantly), because you make my life a dream every time i look at your ridiculous, perfect creations; creations that consistently defy anything that's ever been designed before, in the history of the world. karl. i implore you. let's be friends. i promise to hide my ysl tattoo and not ever eat anything. you won't regret it.


viktor and rolf

i loooove these viktor and rolf dresses. wouldn't it be lovely see these sported on the red carpet, instead of the same creepy, formulaic ball gowns show after show? - except for the SAGs...good job outta you celebrities. the fashion was quite lovely all around.

i'm just so obsessed with the ingenuity of the gown's architecture. i really love the last shot, and the third, where the tulle creeps up the sides and extends into one glorious, pointed shoulder.

image source: wet behind the ears (a great new blog i just found - check it out!).

fashionable friends

i love the look on the left. it's definitely something i would wear.

fashionable friends are my favorite. instant, effortless glamour.

vika gazinskaya, miroslavia duma - image source: jak and jil

bruce weber for ysl

a short film from bruce weber for the fall 2010 ysl menswear show. it's an analysis of nudity, featuring the music of marvin gaye.

i call it "just the kind of eye candy i need to get me through a monday morning."


300 (and second!) post!

upon signing, i realized that this is my 302 post! sassafras (or, the sass, as i've affectionately dubbed it) is quite dear to me, and i get so much joy from blogging and engaging in the huge community that is the internet fashion world. huge huge hugs and kisses to all who read, and comment, and tweet!

in a world of excessive photoshopping, thank you to zink for expending a little creativity in this fabulously styled, delightfully disproportionate editorial, "get in shape," shot by gl wood.

image source: refinery29, by way of fashion copious



thank you, refinery29 for being perfect and updating me with everything i need to know when i've never any time to check my blogs.

pre-fall looks amazing. chicago's mild and delightfully chilly winter has truly reinforced my love for cold weather, so i'm quite thrilled perusing image after image of layered, chilly-weather perfection.

proenza schouler



pringle of scotland

sigh. i'm obsessed with everything here, although givenchy and proenza are my faves.

et toi?


make me korean

asian fashion (not to lump all asian countries into one, but for ease of categorization) is insane. the editorials are always so provocatively avant-garde, and the styling is some of the most creative in the industry. everything about their style is so no-holds-barred, pouring through their editorials always makes my own personal "uniform" feel lame.

i get asked if i'm asian often enough (apparently my black hair and pale skin completely defies my 50/50 irish/german background). perhaps i should just move to korea and adopt a highly fashionable asian alter ego.

publication source: vogue korea
photo source: trendland


alice in wonderland via ms. leibovitz

you all know me. i find a new site i love, i scour through it and do multiple posts in a row featuring gems that i find. this is also from trendland, and it's an amazing editorial from vogue dec 03, shot by the lovely annie leibovitz, with natalia vodianova.

i love fairy tale editorials. it's the actor in me, i suppose. all of that glorious heightened costuming, and the clear, beginning-to-end storytelling. i can't waaaaaait to see tim burton's alice in wonderland.

also, movies that have unbelievable fashion that i've seen recently: "married life," and "a single man." the first is available as an instant play on netflix with rachel mcadams that is sensational and too gorgeous to look at. the second is, as i'm sure you all know, tom ford's new movie with colin firth and julianne moore. aside from the ending, which is christopher isherwood's (the author) fault, the film is impeccably gorgeous. almost to a fault, in that nowhere is every single person flawlessly put together at all times. except perhaps in paris.

and now, "alice in wonderland:"