300 (and second!) post!

upon signing, i realized that this is my 302 post! sassafras (or, the sass, as i've affectionately dubbed it) is quite dear to me, and i get so much joy from blogging and engaging in the huge community that is the internet fashion world. huge huge hugs and kisses to all who read, and comment, and tweet!

in a world of excessive photoshopping, thank you to zink for expending a little creativity in this fabulously styled, delightfully disproportionate editorial, "get in shape," shot by gl wood.

image source: refinery29, by way of fashion copious


  1. That shoot is AWESOME!! Love the image manipulation so much. And CONGRATS on 302 posts!!! WOW!!! Guess it's time for the next Sassafras book...

  2. isn't it fabulous? i love the manipulation, but i reaaaallly love the styling. a pretty cool shoot idea for you and arlene...

    someday i'm going to dedicate an entire collection of sassafras books to you, and it will be your favorite thing, i promise.