call it love

i'm not particularly moved by the story of this editorial (vogue nippon, may 2010, "call it love") - the bff/life of the fabulous theme will always be a mainstay for fashion - but the shoes alone make it worth every while. those lace-up wedges? they're perfect.

although i will say - the addition of nicholas hoult + his styling makes for a glorious little something. i don't think i could ever get enough of skinny ties and slim tailored suits on men.

photographed by: ellen von urwerth
fashion editor: grace coddington



i love flares so much. and i love these flares so much. they're 7 for all mankind's "rachel" bellbottom, popularized by the lovely ms. zoe.

now if only my legs were that tall and thin - then we'd be in business.

image: piperlime

photo of the day

image: le fashion


30 days of brandon

i need to give a huge, spectacular shout out to my dear friend brandon, of twentythirtyforty.net, who has been in the midst of a 30 day style challenge for the past month, in which she has challenged herself to wear something completely new every single day without repeating an outfit. i went over to the studio one day to take her daily picture and we were discussing how difficult it is to create a completely new outfit everyday, with just your closet as a resource. she has done beyond fabulously, and i'm so proud of her. these are just a few of my favorites, but you should really check out styled in chicago - the chicago now blog on which she's been chronicling this journey - to see her entire 30 days (look 30 premieres today!).

she is a beautiful, wonderful, creative, fabulously dressed women, and i have inserted each of the photos from her challenge directly into the "style inspiration" folder on my desktop for when i've nothing to wear. xoxo.


what do you think about this surrealism-inspired editorial from t magazine? the kitschy painted-on eyes and pops of bright color are very karl lagerfeld - i feel as if he'd be pleased with these types of adornments to his classic chanel bags.

model: sara blomqvuist
photographer: richard burbridge

glitter bombs

i love the use of glitter and the bold pops of color in this editorial in vogue paris, may 2010 with daria werbowy by ben hassett.

makes me want to live like a chic drag queen.


gap is back

i have a gap card. it's from high school, and it generates little to no usage thanks to gap's inability to get itself together and get me some basics i need and love. until now. where it might just get maxed out x4.

i am in love with ALL of these shoes, part of pierre hardy's fall 2010 collection for gap. they are amazing and wedge-y and platform-y and made just for me. thaaaaaank you, gap, for finally putting out something i can love. i promise to reward you with my consumerism.

image: refinery29



i want to live like an old bag lady with beautiful 20 year old skin and cat eye glasses and salmon lipstick.

images: fashion gone rogue/pop magazine, august 2009


vogue. in vogue.

i really thought vogue did a good job with this editorial. although i think it could be more encompassing (it's a little sparse, period-wise, no?) the styling was nice, and the variance of the images was effective. still very us vogue, but nice to see a chronology of different imagery.

what did you all think?

images: fashion gone rogue