30 days of brandon

i need to give a huge, spectacular shout out to my dear friend brandon, of twentythirtyforty.net, who has been in the midst of a 30 day style challenge for the past month, in which she has challenged herself to wear something completely new every single day without repeating an outfit. i went over to the studio one day to take her daily picture and we were discussing how difficult it is to create a completely new outfit everyday, with just your closet as a resource. she has done beyond fabulously, and i'm so proud of her. these are just a few of my favorites, but you should really check out styled in chicago - the chicago now blog on which she's been chronicling this journey - to see her entire 30 days (look 30 premieres today!).

she is a beautiful, wonderful, creative, fabulously dressed women, and i have inserted each of the photos from her challenge directly into the "style inspiration" folder on my desktop for when i've nothing to wear. xoxo.

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  1. Are you kidding me??? You are far too sweet, Miss Amanda! I guess we all need a little style inspiration, but I am here to tell your readers that you have amazing style and that I have never once seen you repeat an outfit. You always keep it fresh, so give yourself a hand! And thanks so so so so much for your continued, unending support! Love you mucho!!! Xox, B.