photo of the day

image: dazed digital via lurve magazine

new look of the day

what do you guys think of the sunnie's reincarnation of the cat-eye? i kind of love it. as long as i can find a pair big enough - large hair and a wide face are not the best canvas for smaller sunglasses - then i'm all in. these ralph vaessen ones are to die for.

interview with vaessen/more photos here: dazed digital

twiggy doppelganger

i sure as hell hope that all of you saw "an education," because it was beyond one of the best films of the year, and one of the greatest films to be made in a while. even if you've not seen the film, i'm sure you've not missed out on all of the carey mulligan buzz - aside from being insanely gorgeous, she's incredibly talented, completely unassuming, and hypnotically alluring.

these photos are from a shoot she did with wonderland magazine, in which they've styled her to channel twiggy.

her transformation is gorgeous, and spot-on. go see "an education!" and then see "wall street 2" when it comes out, in which she's also starring. a quick imdb check also shows her in pre-production for "my fair lady" as eliza doolittle. i think that story's been retold to death, but with her in the lead, i don't see how i could possibly pass it up.

happy wednesday - i hope it's as gorgeous where you are as it is in chicago!

images: stylelist uk, catwalk queen

ysl retrospective at le petit palais

this exhibition will be at le petit palais while i'm in paris! could the fates have possibly been more aligned? i'm almost more elated about this than the entirety of my trip to paris (i mean, not really, but let's be honest - kind of)! the website in and of itself is a visual spectacular. seriously. a 55-page slideshow filled with amazing images, as well as a vast array of information on the exhibition and ysl's career. check it, lovies. i'll send you photos on the flipside.

images: yslretrospective.com

also, check out this tres fabuloso times online article all about yves and the advent of his new biography.


queen tilda

how did i miss this?! tilda swinton plays the part of a gorgeous, crazed victorian queen in this editorial for acne paper - winter 09/10. her eyes in the second and final shots completely epitomize my obsession with this woman. i'm confident i need not continue dramatizing my feelings for tilda. you all understand.

images: fashionising.com

ysl tuesday part deux

ahh! a young ysl on "what's my line!" completely priceless. perhaps "ysl tuesday" should become a regular installment...

ysl tuesday

i found this interview from 1959 with ysl this morning. a beautiful man, with such a light, innocent, unassuming vocal quality.

happy tuesday :).


comme des garçons: the museum

rei kawakubo just opened up a comme des garçons trade museum, where people are allowed to only look - not shop - at its dover street market location. featuring the typically creepy/avant-garde comme des garçons aesthetic, the museum is a glorious mecca of fashion and kawakubo's curatorial insight.

images: trendland

happy birthday, sassafras!

today is sassafras's 1st birthday! it's lovely to think of all things that have been chronicled here, and the satisfaction of pushing my creativity and seeking things that inspire me everyday. not to mention the wonderful people i've met in the blogging world.

i'm home visiting my family for "spring break" this weekend (is 1 day off really a spring break? especially when it erupts into a wintry blizzard while you're home) and my mom wants to make no-bake cookies for sassafras (i don't like cake), and to have a little birthday party. does that mean that i get presents?

thank you to all of you who read sassafras - i'm looking forward to many more years of blogging!


crazy coco

i love this kooky, witty editorial shot by tim walker for vogue uk/nov 2006. the experimentation with the proportion of accessories is so creative, and i love the overall visuals created by each photo. coco's a perfect model for this kind of concept because she has such a tangible personality. she really balances having a life/self within the "models should be seen & not heard" world.

images: trendland


j'adore paris

i'm in such a street style mode right now. with all of the images revolving from fashion week street style, i had to jump on the bandwagon with some of my faves. these lovely women were all rocking their fierce personal style in paris - tres fab, tres chic. their ingenuity is inspiring me to NOT wear the same thing every damn day of my life.

images: refinery29


tilda for pomellato

TILDA. how are you so wondrously, gloriously perfect? how can you make a jewelry campaign - usually characterized by gross, uninspiring beauty shots - look like avant-garde highfashion? how can i get your cheekbones? and your hair? which allows you to sport 1/5 of a cockatiel spike while still looking fabulous - nay, sensational?

i'd like to thank photographer pablo roversi for providing me with yet another crop of tilda swinton photos with which to fuel my obsession. "tilda's magic is her ability to express herself in a hundred different ways," he says.

and that is the damn truth.  i mean, how many different tildas do we see in this?

images: vogue.com

don't mind me, here's some good street style

sometimes when you're exhausted, burnt out on school and freelancing, and feel like you haven't been to the gym in years, you just need to look at some good street style. cheers for this beautiful eye candy as i lay in my too-hot bedroom in pj pants stolen from my sister and a big zit on my face.
images: refinery29