happy birthday, sassafras!

today is sassafras's 1st birthday! it's lovely to think of all things that have been chronicled here, and the satisfaction of pushing my creativity and seeking things that inspire me everyday. not to mention the wonderful people i've met in the blogging world.

i'm home visiting my family for "spring break" this weekend (is 1 day off really a spring break? especially when it erupts into a wintry blizzard while you're home) and my mom wants to make no-bake cookies for sassafras (i don't like cake), and to have a little birthday party. does that mean that i get presents?

thank you to all of you who read sassafras - i'm looking forward to many more years of blogging!



  1. Happy birthday Sassafras! May you continue delighting us for years to come.... and next time Mamma Sassafras makes no bake cookies, I'm flying home to eat one...

  2. you're the very best :) i need to fly THERE to personally hand deliver them to you!

    how i love you...responding to your email soon, i promise! xoxoxo.