twiggy doppelganger

i sure as hell hope that all of you saw "an education," because it was beyond one of the best films of the year, and one of the greatest films to be made in a while. even if you've not seen the film, i'm sure you've not missed out on all of the carey mulligan buzz - aside from being insanely gorgeous, she's incredibly talented, completely unassuming, and hypnotically alluring.

these photos are from a shoot she did with wonderland magazine, in which they've styled her to channel twiggy.

her transformation is gorgeous, and spot-on. go see "an education!" and then see "wall street 2" when it comes out, in which she's also starring. a quick imdb check also shows her in pre-production for "my fair lady" as eliza doolittle. i think that story's been retold to death, but with her in the lead, i don't see how i could possibly pass it up.

happy wednesday - i hope it's as gorgeous where you are as it is in chicago!

images: stylelist uk, catwalk queen


  1. I had heard a rumor awhile ago that Keira Knightley was playing Eliza, but I never bothered to actually confirm this... SO glad Carey's doing it instead.

  2. i had heard that too! grosssssss. hopefully it's actually carey mulligan - imdb's never wrong, right?

    so good to hear from you, lady! thanks so much for reading!