alice in wonderland via ms. leibovitz

you all know me. i find a new site i love, i scour through it and do multiple posts in a row featuring gems that i find. this is also from trendland, and it's an amazing editorial from vogue dec 03, shot by the lovely annie leibovitz, with natalia vodianova.

i love fairy tale editorials. it's the actor in me, i suppose. all of that glorious heightened costuming, and the clear, beginning-to-end storytelling. i can't waaaaaait to see tim burton's alice in wonderland.

also, movies that have unbelievable fashion that i've seen recently: "married life," and "a single man." the first is available as an instant play on netflix with rachel mcadams that is sensational and too gorgeous to look at. the second is, as i'm sure you all know, tom ford's new movie with colin firth and julianne moore. aside from the ending, which is christopher isherwood's (the author) fault, the film is impeccably gorgeous. almost to a fault, in that nowhere is every single person flawlessly put together at all times. except perhaps in paris.

and now, "alice in wonderland:"


  1. Holy shit, that is absolutely fantastic. I'm obsessed with Alice in Wonderland and this just made my day!

  2. i had posted a response to you, but i just noticed that it deleted it! i'm so glad this made your day...you need to google "annie leibovitz fairy tale," if you haven't already seen the celeb shoot she did for disney.