chanel couture

karl lagerfeld. you slay me. you slay me into one million pieces over and over again, and then you pause, and then you bring me silver space age bridal shoes and a shiny, skin-tight gold wedding tuxedo. oh, and the biggest, poufiest hair in the world, because you know how much i like volume and aerosol hairspray. it's fine when you don't tweet me back (i lied. it hurts just a little. i do retweet your sagely quotations nearly constantly), because you make my life a dream every time i look at your ridiculous, perfect creations; creations that consistently defy anything that's ever been designed before, in the history of the world. karl. i implore you. let's be friends. i promise to hide my ysl tattoo and not ever eat anything. you won't regret it.

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