my friend nick

"Mine's Bigger than Yours"

Photography Terry Richardson
Styling Sabina Schreder
Hair Dennis Lanni for Bumble & Bumble
Make-Up Sharon Dowsett
Set Design Anette Hinterwerth
Models Sveta, Karen and Natasha
Styling Assistants Peter Stanglemayr and Esther Roitman

there are so many reasons that i love this. mostly the last photograph. but mostly just all of it. womenswear on scrawny farm boy-looking models wielding shotguns. where can i sign up? 

i don't know if my friend nick s. reads this thing, but the final image of this editorial reminds me of him. everything about it.  

image source: dazed digital


  1. aren't they sensational? i want them printed and put up around my bedroom.

  2. and by bedroom, i meant apartment. i'm not that creepy.