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Today, my dear friends, is a wonderful day, because I found out that I got into the School of the Art Institute Chicago for grad school, in their New Arts Journalism program! I'm insanely excited...so ready to be learning again (I love school, in a really nerdy way), excited to be writing, to be studying fashion journalism, AND excited that -- in continuing on with our life path of being EXACTLY the same -- Kate will also be there, studying Arts Administration! I'm also insanely thrilled about the fact that I now have a two year plan, and that it doesn't involve career burden. I can slip back into the safety of being responsible only for learning; toning down the volume on the "how the hell am I going to start my career?" soundtrack that has been looping with an unfavorable crescendo inside my poor little head for the the past year. I'm so not a fan of that stress.

Also, because my dear, dear friends at twentythirtyforty.net are the most wonderful people on the planet, you should check out their blog, which features a lovely homage to sassafras! They have their new photo editorial up, too, which is a stunningly brilliant accessories shoot. AND, they're going to start a monthly rotation of the Proust questionaire, featuring different designers from the lines they carry. So it's a very exciting time for them and their faboo site. I have an article going up there soon, which is recession themed, highlighted by an interview we did with Chicago boutique owner Helen Yi. It was a great interview, and so much fun to have the store opened just for us so that we could play and take pictures without disturbance.

Pictures of her lovely merch:

I just loved this jewelry tree. And how it's captured in this photo, with the purses to the left and the lovely framing of the dress behind it. I wish jewelry grew on trees.

Isn't the draping of this dress to die for? This is Matthew Ames, Helen's current favorite. She just couldn't stop raaaaaaving, and after seeing this, she was quite justified.

I love a good, blinged out bangle.

These photos are, by no means, an accurate representation of the delectable pieces Helen's boutique boasts...I'm just a lazy photographer who gets easily distracted by shiny baubles.

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