grey gardens

Sooooo excited for Kate and I to have our Grey Gardens party on Saturday! We realize that we're a little late, but we've had to suffer through a week of seriously conflicting schedules, too much busy-ness, and a serious need for some sleep and downtime, so we've sucked it up and BOTH withheld from viewing this splendiferous cinematic and oh-so-fash wonder until we were able to bask in its glory together.

I've no doubt that Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange will be the sheer image of perfection. I know far less of Lange, but I fell deeply in love with Drew during the time when E.T. was a staple film in my household, and I read her autobiography, Little Girl Lost, at the highly inappropriate age of 11.

Although it's terrible of me...I love tales of spiraling societal ruin. It's a kind of unbelievable thing to watch some of the world's most glamourous, elegant, and externally put together individuals surround themselves with the most decadent of luxurious lifestyles as they lose complete control of everything around them. Factory Girl, Girl, Interrupted, Party Monster, Mommie Dearest, Savage Grace...all stories of people deeply entrenched in high society, and their descent into madness in some form or another.

Let's not forget that these tragic figures are always dressed so damned well...bless their crazy.

**edit: the photos weren't showing up, for some reason unbeknownst to me, so here's a new crop of lovely images**


  1. OMG!!! I want to watch Grey Gardens too!

    P.S. Factory Girl had me on a major Edie Sedgwick kick for most of 2007. LOVES!

  2. ahhhhh, loves loves loves edie sedgwick, AND factory girl. although it's a movie that i can only watch like, once a year. and only when i'm super depressed.