sizzlin' summer style

look how fabulous karla -- from karla's closet -- looks in the striped babooshka harems:

(can you tell that i'm a bit overobsessed with these pants. waiting, waiting, waiting). she also brings up the summer staple that i'm looking to add to my wardrobe...the bodysuit. although scary for someone like me, who stays far far away from anything even resembling body con. it's just so versatile, i feel like it would ultimately end up being the most worn piece in my closet.

like this one from american apparel:

although i also really love the long-sleeved one...i love really really form-fitting long sleeves. i always feel like my arms look so dainty, which is not an adjective that i usually attribute to any aspect of myself.

and then, i'd probably get all obsessed and start getting ones with different patterns! oh my, bodysuit heaven.

this one is a real gem, too.

although in chicago, you can never be sure, it seems like summer is FINALLY here. i'm really excited for the outdoors aspects of summer...already yesterday, i rollerbladed the lake shore path down to navy pier and sat outside on our patio with some dear friends enjoying lots of vino and some wonderful conversation. i plan on making this summer a magical one, sartorially and otherwise.


  1. YES!!! I love the dive into the black hole of bodysuits! I want the first one!!! oh yeah!! with a flouncy ballerina skirt!!!