things that inspire

i'm definitely in hippie mode right now, all decked out in a fur vest and fringed booties (getting ready to enjoy pitchers of margaritas and other lovely mexican fare...) so i found this starred tiara lovely, and the perfect element of whimsy. this beautiful little minx is the perfect picture of an ethereal angel. i love casual insousiance.

i also love everything she's carrying...fab shoes, a good book, a little treat. she's probably having a good day.

so, on another note, despite however much i fancy myself a writer, there is NO way i can describe the brilliance and the sheer impact of grey gardens within the confines of this blog. kate and i were just completely blown away, and will now remember it as one of our best barb nights ever. drew barrymore is INSANE, the costumes are indulgently perfect, and the story is unlike anything i've ever experienced. we've now put the two original beale documentaries on our netflix queue and are anxiously awaiting their "very long" arrival. SEE it...immediately...run, and read everything you possibly can about these women. we both agreed that it was a sheer crime that it was not made into a motion picture.

there are other things i want to show and discuss, but, alas, margaritas and guacamole await me...



  1. That picture is fantastic! And as for Grey Gardens, sadly I have no HBO, but I will find a way to see it. I can imagine how they've glammed the story a bit but those Edies were seriously a little loco in their respective cabezas! So sad, because Little Edie really was fabulous.

  2. oh, brandon...the movie is just INSANE. and they don't even glam it up. what little edie wears in her 50s is so heartbreakingly delusional...there's this one scene where she explains to the photographers why she pairs shorts under a skirt and how she "thinks it's the perfect outfit for today." you will dieeeeeeeeeee.