go chicago!

so, i'll be honest...amazing street fash isn't as readily available in chicago as it may be in say, new york, or paris. but i was searching through the chicago portion of streetpeeper.com, and was really pleased with some of the amazing photos i found. so i thought i'd display a little chi-town pride ;).

a surprising lack of good shoes, though. for some reason, amazing footwear just isn't seen as much on the streets in chicago. of course, the majority of these photos were taken in the uber-boho/hipster wicker park neighborhood, where flats and skinnies are a style staple.

you'll never have to convince me about the power of a good heel.


  1. LOL... Love this BTW. I hear you on the footwear. I don't invest as much in good shoes b/c I know that they will be ruined in the winter and or I will ruin them by walking bad. BTW, got a killer jumpsuit at Unique yesterday, can't wait to show you!!!!

  2. oh, kiks...i'm going to teach you how to walk right, so that you can have good shoes. although i already do think you have good shoes, so perhaps you walk just fine.

    gottttttta see this jumpsuit, babes!