if you don't love tulle, you're a fulle

sigh...to be french. i'm pretty sure they just dance around all day, lauding their own beauty and whimsicality, smoking and drinking coffee, and never ever getting fat.

found this editorial on karla's closet...just another reminder of why i long to be parisian.

i love all the tulle in this editorial. and the magnificent poses...so, "here i am, hanging out, wearing tulle, with athletic paraphernalia just chillin' next to me." you know, a typical afternoon dressed in haute couture ballet-inspired ensembles.

i've been seeing some summer looks incorporating tulle, and i'm kind of jonesin' to concoct a look of my own. preferably as something to wear to the grocery store, or maybe out for sushi...places that don't require tulle, but that i'm sure would appreciate my vibrant spirit.

vogue paris 2003


  1. seriously?? are you kidding me?? such a great post..."if you don't love tulle, you're a fulle" brilliant!!! love your blog!!!

  2. hahahahaha!! sometimes the best part about blogging is coming up with fun titles!

    love YOUR blog, AND your self-outing!! you look fierce as always, mamacita!!!