dirty fashions

just found the photos from this editorial with marina perez in 10 magazine...and i'm dying. ahhhh, i love dirty, naughty things that are styled up to look like sex. i also love the copy under the title...i'd have preferred some more exotic descriptors, but i like the deviation from typical copy formatting. it makes it look like verse, or some sort of avant-garde poetry.

refinery 29

those thigh highs are so fucking sexy, i can't even stand it...i looooooooove the band around the top, and how they're a bit too big. also, marina's hair against the pink of the building behind her in the first shot is amazing. i would kill to have hair like that...unfortunately, my foray into growing out my hair did not turn out quite like ms. lopez's. the jewelry is insane, too...so well styled, so perfectly chunky. and it all looks pristine against the dirt and black smudge. oh, how i love it all! mmm..."scorching hot" is right, this is all sorts of fabulous.

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