icons of style: charlotte gainsbourg

last night i had a very french-inspired night with kate...we drank wine, listened to frenchy music, and discussed the wonders of the world. the evening was peppered with conversation regarding style icons with whom we are particularly taken...one thing led to another and, after swooning over photos of the beautiful daniel vosovic, we began discussing the complete love affair with both have with charlotte gainsbourg. as an icon of style, she literally is flawless...so perfectly french, unpretentious, and easy-mannered, it kills. her style is exquisitely austere, and entirely effortless. for me, she truly is the epitome of what an icon of style actually is. not only does she always look gorgeous to the extreme, but she's also a phenomenal actress who has still been able to maintain a very private existence. the best of all the worlds, i'd say.

who are some of your most revered style icons?

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