a magical convergence

because this is my blog, i can do what i want. and that means that even though earlier tonight, when i was at work, i was craving to do some writing, now that it's quite early in the morning, i'm allowed to forego the intellectual fashiony stuff...especially when i find these photos:


one of my favorite fashion icons, and one of my favorite celebrities/guilty pleasures (seriously...robert pattinson slays me in every single possible way) in a photo together? conversing...and being friendly, and looking lovely and perfect. love love love it. love seeing different worlds and amazing people converge seamlessly.


  1. This makes me want to cry. Carine and Robert. I LOVE him, I mean...seriously, am I 13 again... Very fash related, and what a babe with that suit and that editor on his back. MMM. Thanks bebe.

  2. yes!! robert pattinson makes us 13 again! not even joshua jackson as pacey makes me feel like r pats does. this photo definitely ensures everyone the best day ever.

  3. i would like to be the barb to their big love polygamous relationship. now please.

    xxo Barb

  4. baaaaarb...only if i can be co-barb, or at least margie. i'll be quiet and stay in my own house, evennnnnnnnn.

    xoxoxoxoxox biotch.