so, i wasn't too enthused with chloe's unisex collection for opening ceremony last season, but i absolutely love what she's done this season. i think it's entirely on point with her original objective: create a line of clothing that is comprised of pieces both men and women can wear. everything pictured is incredibly chic, yet understated, and the small, but conscious styling elements exhibited in each look are impeccable. i love the buffalo plaid, the pants, and their cuffing, the shoes (ohhhh, a platform for men, i'm in love -- and don't even get me started on those insane strappy wedges), and the jackets. if i were to create an outfit for myself, it would be the outfit in the first photo, plus the jacket and the scarf, but the scarf worn on the outside to show off that delightful pink shirt. i love chloe sevigny, and i was so sad when i hated her first foray into unisex design, because i think she's mastered the look herself. i can't wait to see what else she has hiding under that androgynous little sleeve of hers.


  1. Look 4! I die for all of this, but that is Hampton Chic embodied in design!

  2. isn't it just? i'd add gold, you, loafers. thanks, chloester!