in the mood

don't get me wrong. i loves me some fashion month. but the ultimate downside of the ferocious web-attention it requires is that i spend all of my free time (which, thanks to grad school, is none. i've taken to now drinking many cups of coffee around the 7pm hour so as to keep me going through the rest of the night) ogling over style.com, and i neglect the other wonderfully inspirational blogs i usually check on a daily basis. as i was doing some work for my wired writing class tonight, i serendipitously happened upon one of my all-time favorite blogs, moodboard, which always has the most stunning images. in honor of fashion week, moodboard was featuring images of designer's homes, which were, as you can probably imagine, awash with creative genius. because we all need to shake it up a bit, i want to share some of these photos with you. it's always fun to look at execeptional fashion, but what's more interesting than a home that radiates personality and an acute sense of taste and self? as i think of the mess that my poor bedroom has turned into in recent weeks...i say, nothing.

thea bregazzi's closet, elle (2008)

erin featherston, domino magazine (2006)

marc jacobs, house and garden magazine (2000)

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  1. UGH! I die for this. Especially Erin Fetherstons...I have the Domino that that editorial is in, we should peruse the design mags sometimes, I love home decor...we need a key hook by our front door ;)