matthew williamson

i apologize for the diminished posting, all...i launched myself into utter insanity this past week with school and adding on another freelance job, and learned the hard way (finally), that the table in front of the tv needs to stop acting as my homework work space. posts will occur with more regularity...especially as fashion week travels to europe! i'm just keeping my sights set on paris...can'twaitcan'twaitcan'twait!

the shows are pouring out of london at warp speed and when i was writing a column about spring metallics last night, i was absolutely floored by matthew williamson. it's known that he does amazing things with color, but i'm in love with all of his gems, and sequins and brozen glory. it's amazing...and you MUST check out the detail shots on style.com, they're sensational. here are some of my favorite details, followed by my favorite looks:

his take on color is really unbelievable...consistently fresh, and always exuberant without being gaudy. the details of his garments are just sick. it makes you realize how much isn't translated in photographs.

all photos taken from style.com

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