en vogue

An open air exhibition celebrating 90 years of Paris Vogue will take place in Avenue des Champs-Elysées from October 1st to November 1st 2009. Besides some of the latest Vogue photographers, you'll be able to view cover photography by legends such as Andy Warhol, Helmu Newton, Salvador Dali, Robert Doisneau, David Hockney, Joan Miró and many more. Entitled Vogue Covers, this retrospective will also get a photo book interpretation.

featured covers:

meanwhile, in the us...

get ready for november folks. a big 'ole celebrity orgy featuring four actresses from the feature film "nine." and, i mean COME ON. if you're going to, once again, throw some terrible pictures of celebrities in my face, at least pick ones of note! kate hudson? both sophia loren and dame judy dench also star in nine, where are they?

all of these women look terrible, and so blatantly photoshopped, it's a joke. after seeing the september issue and the painstaking care taken with the decision making process of which cover photo they choose...i have a very difficult time believing that was the best option.

although i very much want to see "nine," i'd rather just stick to seeing these actresses in the theatre. in the meantime, sign me up for paris.

photo credits: vogue.com, vogue.fr


  1. i am SO tortured about this. i love the bob...i mean, i have a bob with bangs -- i feel like i understand her. but aaannnaaaaaaaaa...throw your loyal fashion lovers a BONE here. you need to see the september issue, because it does put some of it into perspective, but still, the whole thing has just gone overboard.

    i'm distraught, erin. there needs to be an intervention.