if you've experienced an actual editorial shoot, then you understand the power of a photographer. a pretty model, good styling, and a fabulous locale mean very little without some creativity behind the lens. again, searching through cool hunter (can you tell that i find a blog and then go craaazy looking through past posts? my endearing passion, we'll call it.), i was struck by robert jaso's vibrant and evocatively saturated fashion photography. discovering that he works primarily for italian vogue made complete sense, and i was again struck by a longing for the brilliance of all things european vogue. can you imagine if these were the pages we opened up to each month, rather than over-styled celebrities?


  1. These are really different. So saturated, so anti- the more gothic, bohemian, or hampton chic trends of late. Very cool.

  2. for sure - they stuck out to me immediately. in looove.