i'm a heel lady.

at 5'3", with an athletic pair of gams that look much more ladylike when boosted up by height, it's kind of a necessity. all summer long i tromped along in my massive wedges, scaling any and all surfaces (you can ask brandon and arlene at twentythirtyforty.net about this one) bravely and without difficulty.

but then i decided to run a half-marathon. and start grad school. and work 27 billion jobs. and start driving less and using cta more. and suddenly i realized that i wasn't victoria beckham, and that as much as i love heels, maybe my feet needed a break.

soo...slightly begrudgingly (and far less painfully), i decided to do my feet a solid and embrace flats. it's not nearly as bad as i thought.

although it would be nearly perfect if i had this pair of studded louboutins.

image source: le fashion

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