sassafras: the book

on friday night, my friends mark and shawn had hanukkah party. we had a grand time eating latkas, drinking wine, taking pictures, and generally basking in fabulousness and all things jewish-inspired.

but without a single doubt, the creme de la creme of the evening was when my friends bestowed upon me this gift:

a published book of sassafras from conception to present - complete with a beautiful forward written by erin, and an about the author. i literally had no words, and still don't, really to convey the magnitude of this absolutely perfect gift.
when i started sassafras, i was looking for inspiration. and now, as i put off a very important final paper for grad school, and think about where my love for fashion has taken me in the past ten months, it's kind of incredible. i've such a deep love for this blog, and for all of you who read it, and i'm so excited to continue blogging and writing and exposing all of the fabulous gems fashion has to offer.
much, much, much love, my dears - here's to great friends, great fashion, and living life fabulously.
xoxo - sassafras

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