happy new year!

hello my loves...a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you! i spent mine at a wisconsin lake house - and although i was wearing sequins, it was definitely too frigid to enjoy any dockside adventures. although a late-night walk in the snow was quite idyllic ;).

2009 was an experience. that's for sure. last night, as my roommate miranda and i were laying on our respective couches - watching jersey shore and old episodes of grey's anatomy, and eating the best chicago-style vegetarian pizza in the entire world - we decided that we both had really good feelings about 2010. i'm definitely excited about moving forward.

i don't really do resolutions, because i think they're kind of an empty deferment of what should just have been done in the first place, and i'd prefer to spend my days sans resolve - but when i was christmas shopping at cb2 before the holiday, i found this splendiferous little gem: a keel's simple diary. now, i'm not a diarist, because i never want to recap my day, it takes a lot of time, and it's just never really been a tool that worked for me. but i did buy this for myself, have it gift wrapped, and then i deposited under my family's christmas tree and eagerly awaited to open it xmas eve. this little diary is amazing. it's filled with pages of quirky little questions and reflections like:

"your day was (choose one): a. high maintenence, b. a reference, c. over the fence."


"expectations live up to you - yes/no."

you can go in order, out of order, or 20 times a day if a wish. i've found that the little oddities asked throughout the pages ultimately lead to some self reflection. i did my first entry last night, and am really excited to keep it up.

so, now you all know that i'm indulging in diary-esque practices. and i encourage you all to get one. you can get them at cb2, anthropologie, and, i would assume, at any major bookstore.

there's my soapbox for the day. i hope you all have a relaxing weekend ahead. i'm (not) looking forward to working all night, but am (totally huuuugely) excited about the prospect of doing some ice skating in millenium park tomorrow.

your day has been: a. sweating, b. sweet and sour, c. sorry about it.




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  1. keel's diary looks awesome!

    thanks for sharing, sass!