rip lee alexander mcqueen

although i'm a day late on here, i followed the horrific news all day on twitter yesterday and could not get alexander mcqueen out of my head. by now you all know that he committed suicide yesterday morning, that his 3pm McQ presentation was canceled, and that the fashion industry is reeling from the shock of losing such a prolific, masterful, imaginative designer. it's easy to forget that icons are indeed human beings first. the fact that mcqueen was unable to reconcile his personal demons amidst a world and industry who so highly revered him, alongside a career so marked by success, is a devastating reminder that no one has it all.  you never know what's going on behind the closed doors of an individual's personal life. 

he will be deeply and sorrowfully missed. that we will never again see one of his spectacular collections or groundbreaking shows is a travesty. his life and career ended far too soon, and the void his absence leaves in the fashion world is profound.

rip alexander mcqueen - march 17, 1969 - february 11, 2010

image source: style.com, grazia daily, getty 

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