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oh my goodness! i can't even believe how long it's been since i've posted. life has been turned upside down and around and around and it's fitting that i make this announcement when i post the ysl fall collection (my sweet, dear stefano...how i love his insousciance), but...

i'm going to paris to study fashion!!!

i'm going for the month of june, and i'm so ecstatic and over the moon and all sorts of other things, that i really just can't even articulate it. so, my faithful, adoring readers - for those of who you who've let the jetset lives of which i've always dreamed, i beseech you to comment, email, tweet your very favorite parisian hotspots. my dear kate, as a "you're going!! thank GOD we're finally getting you on this damn trip!" gift, gave me a french journal in which she's already documented and listed the addresses for her favorite places in paris. i'm not going for a couple months, so we really want to add to that and have a lovely little travel book all compiled and ready to go for when i leave. i would love to have a "sassafras" section with reader suggestions, too, so please share!

now on to ysl: i love the playfulness that stefano brings to ysl, especially with that gold lady necklace he dripped over everything. i loved when he used it as the waist rosary (technical term?) on the nun's habit look the most. always chic, there's an edge to this collection - with the use of plastic, and the gloves, the structured shoulders, that modernizes the classic ysl look in a way that i really appreciate. we all know my bias, but when i look at current ysl - especially fall - i can feel the energy and thought that pilati puts into his designs, and into maintaining ysl's vision. i think this collection is so fun, and i like it way more than last year's fall collection. i reaaaally want those to-die-for green glasses. j'adore!

images: style.com

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