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the release of tilda swinton's new italian film, "i am love" is releasing soon, and dazed digital is featuring her on their may cover (two may covers!). i can't wait to snatch up every different cover...you all know my tilda fever. the film sounds quite wonderful, as well.

yoox recently did an interview with swinton about the film:

Exclusive interview with Tilda Swinton and Luca Guadagnino

L: Luca Guadagnino
T: Tilda Swinton

What is the movie about?
L: I Am Love is about the endurable force of love. It is about how a family can change forever through the power of personal revolutionary choices.
T: It’s about family and inheritance. About the revolution of love. And about the inevitable triumph of nature - both human and otherwise.

Why choosing Tilda Swinton to represent the main character, Emma Recchi?
L: I did not choose her. We made the movie together.

What does fashion mean in this movie?
L: Fashion is a great inspiration and a fertile collaboration to me. To be able to make ideas spring out of this encounter between fashion and cinema is a total absolute privilege.
T: Substantially less than style does.

And how does fashion/wardrobe underline the character?
L: Fashion as pure creativity enables the character to be more unconventional and real.
T: Everything in a truly cinematic film underlines character. The frame, the art direction within it, the colors, the movement of the camera. Character is only a construct of all these elements brought together – one hopes, in harmony.

Why choosing Jil Sander designed by Raf Simons for Emma’s wardrobe?
L: I always loved Raf Simons’ work. I am in love with his artistry. That’s why.
T: Because the team at Jil Sander understood perfectly from the very outset that what we were looking for was an extremely subtle dialogue within the film with Emma’s wardrobe.

What does fashion mean to your professional and private life?
T : It means company, in a very practical way. I have the great blessing to have as my friends a number of inspired people, many of them artists, working in fashion. My collaborations with them is a very particular and joyful part of my work as a whole. I find, in their company, an energy and a kind of precision that is unique: something to do with the supremely personal aspect of fashion – how it calls up the spirit in all of us and dares us to be authentic.

The Recchi family lives according to the strict rules of the Milanese haute-bourgeoisie, until Emma-Tilda Swinton rebels against them by falling for another man, who is well outside the aristocratic conventions. The director and Oscar-winning actress have created a film in which style choices emphasize personal transformations. The wardrobe of Emma Recchi indicates a precise historical and social context, while the colors develop the plot giving way to passion.

images: style frizz

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