paris prep

i love books. ever since i was little they've been one of my very favorite things to spend money on, so it makes sense that as i get ready to spend 3 weeks in paris, i would go on a book-buying spree.* in my head, i've these romantic notions of journaling in cafes, and experiencing the culture and history of fashion and art in paris that i've been reading about in my prized tomes. how this cerebrally-motivated romanticism plays out remains to be seen. in the meantime, i sure love looking through them.

*special thanks to my friend doug, for loaning me his bleach-kissed guide to europe.

images: amazon.com


  1. Moleskine makes these darling little city guides, including maps/subway routes/places to see, etc. They've got one for Paris... I highly suggest it!

  2. that's a wonderful tip! thank you so much!!! i'll definitely be checking that out. thanks for reading!