SAIC fashion 2010

yesterday i spent the entire day at the modern wing for SAIC's FASHION 2010 event. a complete runway spectacular, there was a special show/event with fashion designer gary graham (featuring 10 pieces from his fall collection) as well as the showing of couture gowns from the ebony fashion fair collection, featuring designers like nina ricci, pierre cardin, valentino, dior, bob mackie, paco rabanne, and a cache of amazing fashion from the saic students.

i took over 200 photos, so please forgive the outpouring of photography. i was just so impressed! the whole day was wonderful, and the night walk party that i went to with brandon and arlene from twentythirtyforty.net was faaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous. endless cocktails and food, some ysl swag, and the best personal style i've ever seen in chicago in my life. why these people don't dress like that ALL the time is beyond me. it was a visual orgy of amazing fashion and i had a blast.

both times i saw the show, when this look walked down runway the women next to me leaned over and said, "that looks like it's made for a muslim country." true story.

i loved that this collection was inspired by "malignant neoplasm, a disease in which cells uncontrollably grow, divide, and invade the human body."

a pierre cardin gown from the ebony fashion collection.

love this! it's nice to see a playfulness in menswear.

this is my favorite photo that i took. the model's expression is so wonderful, and i can't get over the texture in this knitwear. nor the "tampon detailing" (designers words - not mine).

mushroom leggings! yes, please!

another of my faves. this collection was inspired by the idea of a woman fantasizing about the gowns her daughters would wear on their wedding days. this girl is a junior in college designing three wedding gowns for her final collection. amazing.

yes. that is a tuxedo jumpsuit.

brandon, arlene and i at cafe 28 before the show. that hunka hunka burnin' love in the background is artie. he may or may not be one of the main reasons we frequent cafe 28.

arlene, gary graham (designer, finalist for the 2009 cfda/vogue fashion fund award) boutique owner robin richman, brandon, moi.

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