it's a roo vintage xmas

so here i am, in the middle of holiday madness, stressed about how i'll ever find the right presents for everyone on my list...shopping for myself. the problem is not me, it's the fact that the dear stuchly sisters of the roo vintage have a sick sense of taste and thrift like goddesses. forcing me to buy their delightfully priced wares online, allowing me to expand my wardrobe without having to brave holiday shopping traffic (and for ridiculously affordable prices).

check out my most recent purchases:

and, this insane fur coat:

i love them both dearly, and feel like a goddess whenever i'm dressed in my gold, and long fur.

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  1. Okay, that fur coat is S.I.C.K.! Cannot WAIT to see you in it! And so very glad that the Sass is back =) Love and smooches and happy holiday wishes!!!