thanks and nail polish

first of all, i just want to extend a big fucking hug to all of my friends who have been so sweet about the rebirth of this blog. as small as the whole thing is, it's been so wonderful to have people who i didn't even know read this thing say that they were excited that it was back. being surrounded by good people makes a project like this all the more worth it.

as i was getting ready for my interview with mr. mouret tomorrow, picking out an outfit and such (decided on: louis vuitton tiger print blouse, cropped black pants, sam edelman chain-link clogs) i realized that my chipped green nail polish probably wasn't going to look too hot. a quick talk with the old bff (who also moonlights as a nail polish guru) resulted in the conclusion that "sparkle-licious" from opi's "burlesque" collection was the way to go.

nail polish has become one of my favorite accessories, and a new, good color is such a treat. i would encourage you all to check out both the sparkle and solid "burlesque" collections from opi — they're perfect for winter/holiday time. with two coats, the sparkle polishes are gorgeous on their own, but as a top coat, they're also a great way to spice up your favorite shade.

ps: so excited it's december 1st! i'm a holiday nut. my roommate, jack, and i put up lights all around our apartment last night, and he bought us stockings to decorate (his is currently hosting a very large picture of james franco's face). hope you're all engaging in some fun holiday activities! xox.

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