the magic of the fashion blogosphere

I adore sifting through my Google Reader rotation of fashion blogs every day, especially when this little lady cannot figure out what to wear. And while I probably won't be resorting to a "outfit-a-day" type thing, I do seriously covet the updates of those who do.

Behold, loves...these girls have some ridiculously fabulous style. Here of some of my favorite looks as of late:

There's the ever and uber stylish Susie Bubble, who is able to style pieces in ways most could only dream of. These shots were done for a piece for The Observer:

Karla, from Karla's Closet. I LOVE this pink, linen blazer. Undoubtedly the perfect summer blazer:

altamira is a street style blog, not a personal style blog, but the looks are insane, so I had to share:

This is Judy, Jane's mom from seaofshoes.com. She and Jane originally started seaofshoes together, but then that became Jane's baby and Judy started Atlantis Home. She has amazing fashion and interior design style. I could live in this dress all summer and have not a care in the world.

I think that my life would be complete if these were my friends and this is what we all happened to show up wearing as we walked down the street to grab brunch on a Saturday morning. I also wouldn't mind going through life looking like I could kick anyone's ass at any given moment. LOVE Jak and Jil.

Rumi, of fashiontoast. Phenom style, and beautiful photos.

I WANT THIS SWACKET. And that beautiful treasure Camille is standing in front of.

Brook & Lyn. I love the slight militaristic feel of this outfit, balanced with flowy, textured pants and a killer boot. They put pieces together so well.

And then the lovely Miss Jane Aldrige. 16 year old girl wonder from Texas, who's currently wearing the pants I plan on purchasing. Seaofshoes is one of my faves.

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  1. Dear Sassafras, I'm sure you would fit right in with that group from Jak and Jil! And I'm quite sure you could kick anyone's ass, if you really wanted to!