oh, to be a harem

I am jonesing hardcore for harem pants.

How sexy are these satin navy pants from the pre-fall 09 Chloe collection?

I personally love really jacked up versions with massive side pleating and draping, and a strong contrast between the hip of the pant and the leg. Like this pair from Tibi...

I also tend to love things oversized. Which is why any comment like, "that does nothing for your body" means nothing to me. I'm not a big body con fan. No Herve Leger bandage dresses for me, thanks. So basically, I find the harem pant pretty perfect, and delectable when paired with your favorite men's v-neck tees and some serious accessories. And heels. Big, sexy, overindulgent heels.

One of my favorite Etsy boutiques, Babooshka Boutique, has some ridiculously amazing harem pants on sale. I've got my eye on these babies:

There are also these leather ones, if you really want to show people what's up:

And here are some shorter ones, Zero + Maria Cornejo on La Garconne

I got these Loeffler Randall ones from twentythirtyforty.net, and I live for them (check out this site...it's AHmazing, and its run by two of the most fabulous women I know. I'll be featuring them soon, worry not). They're so good, and so flattering...it's unreal.

SO sexy. I really, really do love them.

Things I'm coveting ASAP: the perfect harem, Rachel Zoe-esque cocktail rings, fur. Lots of faux fur. The perfectly slouchy black blazer, and a resurgence of red lips in my life. I'm craving a bit of old school glamour, in addition to trends highlighting elements of disproportion. Some days I'm really moved towards classic vintage, straight up old school style, other days I want too too too much fashion. It all comes from the same place, really. It's about an allure, a good energy.

PS: saw Twilight tonight and LOVED it. I am such a sucker for deep romance. And who doesn't find vampires and their blood-sucking ways ridiculously sexy? Go rent Twilight and then shop on Etsy while enjoying some good vino. It will be a night of sexy, soul-hugging magic...I promise.

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