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Hello lovies! I was in the great state of Iowa visiting my family over the Easter weekend and, as you can obviously tell, took a small break from blogging and all things technological to bask in too much food, excess sleep, and coffee (et al) dates with dear, wonderful friends. I'm quite proud of myself in that I did not turn on the television once, and checked my email but twice (only to delete junk mail!)...but I'm very glad to be home and back in the swing of things. I am a creature of habit, after all...and one can only go so long without her blogging, magazines and trashy reality television (all of which was remedied tonight immediately upon my return).

And how lucky I was to happen up this photo shoot! A veritable homage to things I love dearly: fashion, seduction, and too many good times. Wildfox Couture is an LA-based line, inspired by all things vintage, peace and love. Cliche in some realms, but eternally applicable in all others. There is, after all, a hippie love child somewhere deep within all of us. Look on and love, as I certainly have. Their site boasts a fabulous blog, as well, filled to the brim with a mecca of evocative imagery (take note of their recent post's link to vampire teeth on amazon.com...god bless vampires).

I adore the lips, nails, pattern combos, and the candid photography. If you know me, you know that I prefer no picture to be "posed and ready." If you try to get me to pose, you will get my "oh my gosh, i'm so surprised to be taking this picture!" face. I don't smile regularly in photos. I either don't realize they're being taken, or I fake a candid. Therefore, I have a special love for editorials which seem to be capturing moments, rather than perfectly placing pretty people in pretty situations.

On THAT note, I was quite pleased with some magazine covers that were waiting patiently in my mailbox upon my return (bless my roommates for not checking the mail often...I always omit an audible "oooh!" whenever I see that my magazines have arrived).


Amy Adams. A goddess. She is one of the few actresses that automatically inspire me to see any film in which they are involved...whether I know a thing about it or not. She's a stunning natural beauty, and I am thrilled to see someone play with that and do her up right, without taking away from her natural intoxicating appeal.


Drew Barrymore. Okay, what girl wasn't inspired by her freakishly amazing autobiography (maybe just me...I was a...unique child)? But seriously. This underwater cover is just lovely. SHE is lovely. I am pleased.

Marie Claire:

Whatever...say what you want to about this magazine. Is it great for high, Paris Vogue, W style fashion? No. Does it have great articles, some pretty clothes, and is it perfect for gym reading? Absolutely. Is Rachel McAdams riDICulously stunning on this month's cover? YES. As well as a marker of what we should all want to look like when we're 34? Umm...without a doubt. Kate and I were discussing earlier tonight how she was like, 27 when she did Mean Girls...even though she was playing a 16 year old. Genetics have done this woman good.

On a final note, I'm so ready for Spring to have sprung. I waaaaaaant to buy the printed maxis and metallic flats that I plan on living in over the warm months. I just find it hard to do when I'm still relying on my winter coat. I don't even love summer...I'm just looking for a little seasonal consistency here, please. If Spring will give itself to me, I will surrender to it. A fair compromise, I feel.

xoxoxoxo, lovies.

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