behold, stall door heaven

Aside from my obvious and overwhelming attraction to fashion-related imagery, I am generally more immediately impacted by inspiration in a linguistic sense...things I read, turns of phrases, quotes, etc. Although I do consider myself to be a creative, I'm working to expand my creativity in a way that includes more visual imagery. Furthermore, I'm wanting to document things that inspire me visually so that these images can be compiled and archived into a great black hole of things that I find visually arresting and have impacted me in some way or another.

I was at a bar last Thursday and was told upon my announcement that I needed to use the restroom that the bathrooms were "really cute." Imagine my delight when I discovered that the stall doors contained the likes of this:

I liked this image a lot. Smoking may be bad for you, but looking at pretty woman doing it in curlers certainly isn't.

Lovely, no? I wish these photos better captured the visual delight that accompanied my bathroom excursion, but, as I'm sure you're familiar with what most doors to public bathroom stalls look like, you can imagine how pleased and surprised I was.

**Edit: I just noticed that if you click on the images, they get really big and show all the detail. Do ittttttttt.


  1. Those are some pretty awesome stall doors! So glad you said to click on them - detail pics were real purty. Love that you're trying to discover and document your visual inspiration -- so am I ;)

  2. it's quite fulfilling, no? keeps our bustling minds focused on creativity... :)