nothing wrong with a little sex and kate moss

I am quickly weakened by things and people that seduce. I adore seduction, especially in fashion, as I believe that fashion and sexuality are inherently connected.

Perhaps its all the press surrounding the Topshop opening in NYC, but I've been seeing a lot of photos of Kate Moss circulating recently. And, frankly, if she's not the epitome and fashion AND sex...I don't know what is. She embraces confidence and seduction in every move she makes, and I adore her bare-all, no-bullshit attitude. A true rarity in the fashion/celebrity world...she has no stylist, and no qualms about embracing nakedness (which does not equate to porn, thank you), beauty, vices, and a desire to exist spontaneously.

W did a tribute editorial to Ms. Moss in 2003 (can you tell that I have a deep weakness for W editorials?), and I'd like to share. Sex and fashion. It doesn't get any better than that.

A 2007 "Dreamgirl" photo shoot:


  1. I really love some of these, like, a lot.

    That's all. Nothing profound.

  2. I do, too! Everything she does is so evocative and palpable. Kate Moss is good times to look at.