friends who love fashion

Seeing these photos of models Magdalena Frackowiak and Olga Sherer on Jak and Jil this morning, as well as the photos in the following editorial, reminded me of all the time I spend with my dear fashiony girlfriends, discussing the importance of the perfect piece of jewelry, which color of jacket to wear, who we saw wearing what in our daily blogging, the bags we die for, what nail colors we want for spring, and many many many conversations about our love of it all over many many many bottles of wine.

Outside the Louis Vuitton show. Don't they look absolutely adorable? I LOVE this photo. The energy that best friends can project photographically is so powerful. Kate (Barb) and I could provide scores of evidence in this regard.

And then there are these photos from Ten Magazine. A delightfully childish shoot, featuring models Karmen Pedaru and Charlotte Hoyer, shot by Magnus Unnar.

I love interactive photo shoots. It's like doing a scene in theatre, versus a monologue. Individuals can be very powerful, of course, but there's nothing like the energy of working off someone else, and how that influences you.

Recently, I've been paying a lot of attention to the energy of those around me, and how it makes me feel. No need to waste time around those who don't empower, inspire, or contribute positively to your life the majority of the time.

I like these photos. They have good fashion and good people energy.


  1. Love it Magdalena is sooo gorgy. Fashion friends are great!

  2. isn't she delicious??

    and fashion friends are perfect (not that they're only fashion friends of course...just the special ones who understand the necessity it is :)