a love affair with rodarte

On the whole, I prefer pieces and designers that embrace a unique point-of-view, one that is recognizable, statement making. And while I don't personally expect, and nor do I expect other people, to always identify and strongly respond to a designer's concept, or the perspective from which their collections derive, I have immense respect for any designer or design team who really owns their own vision and works to communicate that in every piece they create.

Now, we all love Rodarte, but the Mulleavy sisters are stand-out examples of creating collections that have a focal point, ardently embracing a personal aesthetic that immediately communicates "Rodarte" in everything they create.

I found this wonderful interview in Gravure Magazine with Kate Mulleavy, where she explains how she and Laura developed their line, and from where they draw their inspiration.

"Laura and I are very tied to this idea of creating clothes that we felt like were very thought out and meticulous and also reflective of what our inspiration and interests are, but I wouldn’t tie it to one philosophy or the other."

Kate Mulleavy

Laura Mulleavy

"To me the thing that we seem to be drawn to doing is a balance between something that is very fragile and delicate but also beautiful but also slightly strange. I feel like that tight rope act, between doing something that has such delicate beauty but that is also slightly off kilter or weird, is the balance that I hope people associate with our work."

Current collection images

"I think the thing that we would hope that people would describe about what we are doing is that it felt like it somehow belonged to us, in a sense that there was something that was unique enough about it that it looked like our vision that was a specific voice and that we had a place among the designers that have done something that is recognizable to the designer."








Although there's obviously been a distinct evolution in their vision and creativity, the through line is the incredible texture, movement, layering, mixing of patterns and shapes. The artistry of their clothing is one of a kind, without question. Can you imagine the thought that must go into the draping, the pleating, the ruching of each individual piece? The Mulleavys are true artists, in every sense of the word. I think they're utterly sensational.


  1. don't you? don't you just bask happily in their perfection with every image that cross your path?