I really, really do not love summer clothes. I'm a layering girl, made through and through for fall and winter. And because I have such a distaste for summer clothing, I really want to work on developing my "summer style," if you will. Preferably by wearing lots of oversized, printed dresses with excess jewelry and overly oppressive shoes.

I adore these dresses from Swash, a relatively new label based in East London, designed by Sarah Swash and her boyfriend, Toshio Yamanaka. If any of you are planning on visiting Paris this month, you should check them out at the French Hyeres fashion festival (this is a link to the programming for last year's festival...apparently they're poor updaters. But archives are available), where they will have a four room exhibition displaying their scarves. Check out their photos for Spring (which are protected, leaving me unable to post them here) as well as the scarves that will be featured in their exhibition. Beautiful pieces with an amazing point-of-view.

Isn't the print of this dress just wonderful? I love chain prints...very vintage Gucci.

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