thigh highed seduction

I love finding new lookbooks. New lookbooks mean new designers, new ways to style, new photos to ogle. So much goodness all around. I discovered Erin Kleinberg on Refinery29 this morning, and fell hard for the super seductive photography, and her pairings of sheer thigh highs and oversized jersey tops. I think innate, unproduced sex appeal is the sexiest thing in the world, and the aura of Kleinberg's lookbook projects that well. I especially love how the model is barefoot in each of the photos, like we're seeing her seductive little self in her own home. Sooooooooooo good.

I'd also like to wish the happiest of birthdays to my very best and dearest friend in the whole wide world, my little Barbsy! She is the most fabulous person I know, and has taught me more about style, art, culture, music and everything than anyone I know (and she's scoffing right now as she's reading this, I guarantee you).

We love sass photos (she's the blonde, I've the black bob):

We also loved doing a photo shoot with this stone lion:

I love you, my little muffin nut! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo, jillzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarin

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