vampiric splendor

If there's one thing that you'll ever need to know about me, it's that when I fall in love with something, I become obsessed. Ambivalence is not my thing...when I love something, I love it to an extreme.

Thus my new love affair with Noot Seear, a Canadian model who may or may not be appearing as a vampire in the second Twilight movie. Hey, at least I'm honest. I could hide my deep, unbridled love for young adult vampire romance, but I choose to rise above that and embrace it, channeling it into something intellectual and a chance to learn about new people.

I'm also good at bullshit.

But, my bullshit does not dispute the sheer beauty of this photo shoot for Double Magazine, shot by Italian photographer Francesco Carrozzini, featuring Ms. Seear. I love color and sparkle and whimsy and uber visual stimulation...but no matter what, I'll always be most attracted to shadow-filled blacks and whites.

Obviously this shoot inspired my new header image, which will probably change often. I loved the last one, but it was so big, it was off setting the formatting of the blog. This isn't terribly better, but it works for right now. I should learn more things about the internet. I'm sure it would really come in handy.

Other lovely Carrozzini images:

Helena Christensen for Muse Magazine

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