i've no patience

Today my friend Erin and I were at an open house for the realty company we work for, and, as it was a sloowwww three hours, we came prepared with lots of fash mags. Much to our complete dismay, a guy who lived in the building decided that he wanted to stop by and then STAY FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF. Just him. With just us. Talking to us about absolutely nothing except his own boredom, while remaining completely ignorant to our very BLATANT social cues which included, but were not limited to: my rampant texting, our very involved side conversations about fashion and what we want to wear this summer, and an endless perusal of magazines. At one point, after a devastating hour of so of his dreadful company, he decided to enter into our discussion by looking over our shoulders and commenting that he "didn't understand the point of fashion, because most people won't wear any of those clothes anyway." Not only was this 21+ year old wearing an Aeropostale tee-shirt (making anything he said about clothing completely and immediately null and void), but I was so annoyed at his presence that I completely went off on him, going on about the art of it all, and how not all fashion is made to be worn to the grocery store. He quickly saw that he had touched a nerve upon which he should not continue pressing, and finally left twenty or so minutes later, leaving Erin and I greatly relieved and free to discuss what we wanted without uneducated interruptions.

This artful, stunning editorial in i-D Magazine, featuring model Alana Zimmer superimposed upon herself in a variety of different shots, reminded me of that excruciatingly painful hour and a half. Oh, how poorly misguided that young man was...

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