the art of seduction

so, this month's acne paper is eroticism-themed...and you all know how much i love the sexy fash.

the mag also interviewed carine roitfeld, and i love her perspective on the french art of flirting: "The flirt is a very French speciality. You like to seduce, even for nothing. It's a good experiment to realize you have power over someone. The French consider la séduction to be one of the arts of living."

and, yet again, carine pinpoints precisely why my soul is french.

i think that's amazing. flirting, seduction, confidence, passion...they're all parts of a whole, and, god, what an art it is. my self confidence, and the image of myself that i presented, really soared when i became interested in fashion. because to have truly great style, and to astutely understand fashion, you need to know your body, you need to know yourself, and you need to be comfortable enough with what those things are to create, develop and project them.

despite ms. roitfeld's claims that she's not a nymphomanic, here's "Série Noire," from this month's vogue paris. this editorial is amazing...so brazen and visceral and raw and passionate. i love her portrayal of the inherently animalistic and sexual aspects of human nature. it's so, so good.


  1. Where can I get a snail to put in my bed???

  2. unique thrift...i'm just sure of it! half-price monday, let's go snail shopping.